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Customer Testimonials


My son was so excited to learn guitar and his Boulder guitar teacher did not kill his enthusiasm. Each week after his lessons he would practice what he just learned for hours. He is playing songs and writing his own music now. I will keep him going as long as he wishes

Stacy H.


I started taking bass lessons years ago so I could play in a band. I’m now able to sing and play bass at the same time. My Boulder guitar lessons have given me the ability to play my bass so well I don’t even have to think, it’s second nature. I can concentrate fully on my singing. Thanks Guitar Lessons Boulder!

Carrie D.


I love my guitar teacher. He is patient with me through each lesson and always offers an encouraging word when I need it. I have struggled, but in just a couple of months have been able to learn quite a few songs and love playing them at home for my wife.

John B.

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