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Welcome to Guitar Lessons Boulder. The location for the best guitar lessons Boulder Co has to offer. We teach different types of guitar, as well as different playing styles, and ages!

We want to be your first thought when you ask questions about guitar lessons. Are there any guitar teachers near me, are there guitar lessons near me, where can I find a guitar teacher, and how much do guitar lessons cost?

We can answer all of these questions and more! Our local guitar teachers have been teaching in the Boulder area for years. Our instructors have a unique ability to not only make the material easy to understand, but fun to learn as well.

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About Us

About Guitar Lessons Boulder

We truly feel that our guitar lessons are the best in the Boulder area and our customer testimonials prove it. We have served our community for years, making you the student our number one priority.

No other facility in the area can offer as many services and wonderful instruction that our teachers provide. By choosing us as your facility for all you guitar lesson needs, you have guaranteed yourself to go down the path of success!

If you don’t believe us, give us a call today or stop by for your first lesson!

At Guitar Lessons Boulder we make you our number one priority. We want nothing less than your absolute satisfaction each time you leave your Boulder Guitar Lessons.

Our combined experience allows our students to express themselves accordingly because they can choose whichever guitar or style they relate to the most. Our instructors have familiarized themselves with metal, classic rock, classical guitar, and much more!

Our company values consist of three basic principles we feel each student and guitar teacher in Boulder Co should demonstrate during each and every lesson.




Each student is expected to show kindness to their teacher, other students, and themselves! This means be patient with yourself, you won’t learn your instrument overnight. Add hard-work and perseverance into the recipe and you are guaranteed to achieve the guitar playing results you are wishing for.

What to Expect

What can you expect from us? Your Boulder guitar lessons instructor will demonstrate the same virtues we ask our students to bring with them each time they come prepared to learn.

Our instructors will show kindness to their students. Not only is kindness a common courtesy, and great customer service. But kindness to one another creates a wonderful learning atmosphere that you can rely on each time you come prepared for your guitar lessons.

Our instructors have experienced first hand the struggles that can come from learning a new instrument. Countless hours of practice and memorizing new patterns can be complicated for many students. This is why our teachers always encourage patience. Not only can we teach it, but we know there are times where a student may take a few extra lessons to learn a new technique, and that’s ok!

Our hard-working instructors are always trying to improve themselves, not just their students. Our instructors play their instruments every day as well as our students. Every day new music styles and equipment become available to the music community. We want to make sure we know all about it and can share that information correctly with our students.



There is more than one way to learn guitar, and we teach them all. Below is a list of services we provide. We serve more than one age group and teach more than one style of guitar playing. Make sure as you prepare yourself to sign up for guitar lessons that you are familiar with different types of guitar you or a friend may be interested in as well.

beginner guitar lessons boulder

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Our guitar lessons for beginners are structured in a way that students that have never played guitar in their life can learn too. We start by learning about music that you enjoy listening too and work on building your foundation around that genre. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing more excited than playing along with your favorite songs! We then go through lesson plans and teaching, music theory, scales, chords, and more. After a time, you will know how to listen to a song and play along with it by ear, and even create your own solos to your favorite songs.

kids guitar lessons boulder

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Playing guitar isn’t just for adults. It’s for kids too! Even from a young age, your child is sure to surprise you with their ability to comprehend what goes into playing an instrument. Playing an instrument is not only great for brain development but hand-eye coordination and virtues they can carry with them for the rest of their life.

boulder bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

The bass guitar is just like a guitar, except it has four strings instead of six that resonate at a much lower tone. With our bass guitar lessons, you will learn different scales, tempos, and what key you are playing in. We will also teach you different techniques of playing such as using a pick, slap bass, and fingerpicking.

boulder electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

When many think of guitar they think of the electric guitar plugged into an amp. Your Boulder guitar lessons teach our students how to play chords, strumming techniques, scales, and how to decipher what key you are in. All this knowledge will in time allow our students to not only play the solos from their favorite guitar players and songs but write their own if they choose in seconds.

boulder acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Have you ever wanted to be the person playing the acoustic guitar around a campfire for their friends? As soon as you sign up for our acoustic guitar lessons that can be you! Our acoustic guitar lessons focus on how to play guitar chords, as well as chord building, key signature, and fingerpicking. Our students quickly learn how to play along with their favorite songs by ear and write catchy songs that can catch anyone’s attention.

boulder classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical guitar doesn’t have to seem intimidating! It may sound unbelievably complex, but with our classical guitar lessons we promise to break down the key components and techniques classical guitar songs are made of. We will focus on chords, building chords, key signatures, and playing multiple notes within those chords.

boulder class guitar lessons for adults

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Our guitar lessons for adults and teens cater to all types of guitar playing experience. Perhaps you have played on occasion throughout your younger years. Or maybe you have never held a guitar in your life. Either is perfectly fine with us! Just bring a willingness to learn how to play guitar and strive to do better and we will take care of the rest. From the very basics of the guitar up to learning to play those complex solos you have listened to and learned to love for years.

Service Area

About Boulder colorado

Boulder lies at the base of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado. To the west lies the trail-lined Flatirons which are rock formations that overlook the city. With a population of 106,567, Boulder Colorado is a wonderful place to travel to enjoy outdoor activities.

Boulder has a high living expense so most residents rent their homes. The housing costs are 30% higher than Denver which is a large city also located in Colorado. Aside from high living costs, Boulder is still considered one of the best places to live in Colorado. Offering its residents outdoor activities such as national parks and hiking trails. While also offering indoor recreation such as movie theatres and wonderful dining experiences.

Cities that surround Boulder include:

  • Broomfield
  • Lafayette
  • Erie
  • Louisville
  • Superior
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I need to change my guitar strings?

This depends on a few things. One is how often do you play? Do you change your tuning frequently? There are also ways to lengthen the life of your guitar strings such as washing your hands before you play to make sure there is less dirt buildup. Also, there are ways to clean your strings from time to time

Will I need to buy a guitar tuner?

The short answer is yes, you will want one particularly when you first start learning to play. We do teach our students how to tune their guitar by ear, but mastering this comes with practice and there are many different types of tunings to learn. We recommend having one at home. They range in price depending on what type you buy from ten dollars up to the hundreds. So don’t feel like you need to spend 80 dollars on a tuner before your first lesson.

I really want to learn to play guitar to play in a band. Will lessons prepare me for that?

Absolutely! Our lessons prepare you not only for learning how to play along with your favorite songs, but how to write songs just like them! When you take the time to learn music theory, as well as scales and other techniques that will give you the tools to actually write better than those who have not taken lessons. You will learn how to write songs, and solos in seconds and play along with others in the band as they make up the song.

What is a guitar pick, and do I need one?

A guitar pick is what guitar players use to strum notes. You may not need one for certain songs, but overall you will want to have one with you at every lesson. It helps play notes faster which is essential for most rock and metal songs. It also adds a brighter tone to steel strings when strumming.

How long does each lesson last?

Our private lessons range from half-hour to hour-long lessons. Typically students choose to purchase half-hour lessons but if you feel you need more time, we would be happy to sign you up for longer lesson times for an additional cost.

Customer Testimonials


My son was so excited to learn guitar and his Boulder guitar teacher did not kill his enthusiasm. Each week after his lessons he would practice what he just learned for hours. He is playing songs and writing his own music now. I will keep him going as long as he wishes

Stacy H.


I started taking bass lessons years ago so I could play in a band. I’m now able to sing and play bass at the same time. My Boulder guitar lessons have given me the ability to play my bass so well I don’t even have to think, it’s second nature. I can concentrate fully on my singing. Thanks Guitar Lessons Boulder!

Carrie D.


I love my guitar teacher. He is patient with me through each lesson and always offers an encouraging word when I need it. I have struggled, but in just a couple of months have been able to learn quite a few songs and love playing them at home for my wife.

John B.

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So please contact us today and sign up for your very first lesson with Guitar Lessons Boulder. We guarantee your satisfaction with not only your skill with your instrument, but your instructor, and the skills you can take with you for the rest of your life.

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